Arc Angels, Awesome Little Known Band From The '90's early 2000's!

Arc Angels was a Blues rock band formed in Austin, Texas in the early 1990s. The band was composed of guitarist and singers Doyle Bramhall II and Charlie Sexton along with the two living members of Stevie Ray Vaughan's Double Trouble: drummer Chris Layton and bassist Tommy Shannon. The 'Arc' in the band's name came from the Austin Rehearsal Complex where the band first started jamming.

Arc Angels their 1992 debut album met with critical approval and reached No.127 on the Billboard chart. The band made its network television debut on Late Night with David Letterman on June 9, 1992-- performing "Living In A Dream." Arc Angels played Letterman again on January 6, 1993 with Too Many Ways to Fall."

Bramhall's heroin addiction as well as internal friction caused the breakup of the band in 1993.The Arc Angels broke-up in October of that year after concluding with a series of farewell concerts at Austin's Backyard Outdoor Venue. The Angels reunited for occasional live performances beginning in 2002.

In recent years, Bramhall played guitar and toured with Eric Clapton's Band as well as Roger Waters. Charlie Sexton toured with Bob Dylan. Meanwhile, Layton and Shannon have recorded three albums with the Texas soul quintet Storyville. The duo have also backed such artists as: Buddy Guy, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and John Mayer.

The members of Arc Angels--minus Shannon--announced that they would be reuniting in March 2009--releasing a live album and DVD of a concert from 2005-- touring extensively and beginning work on their second album. The album/DVD "Living in a Dream" was released in 2009,. It contained live renditions of previously released Arc Angels songs, new songs performed live, and three new studio tracks. The launch of the Angels tour took place at Austin's annual South by Southwest Festival. Although the band never officially broke up again, members pursued solo projects and no talks about future Arc Angels releases or concerts have taken place to date. While on stage in 2014 Bramhall referred to the Arc Angels as "this band I was in" further confirming their demise.


  • Doyle Bramhall II - guitar, vocals (1990-1993, 2009-2010)

  • Charlie Sexton - guitar, vocals (1990-1993, 2009-2010)

  • Chris Layton - drums (1990-1993, 2009-2010)

  • Tommy Shannon - bass (1990-1993)

Touring members

  • Dave Monsey aka "Mark Newmark" - bass (2009-2010) Dave reportedly used an alias during the tour to avoid a contract violation

Awesome Album To Check Out!!

Arc Angels is the self-titled debut album by Arc Angels--released in 1992.

Track listing

  1. "Living in a Dream" (Doyle Bramhall II, Charlie Sexton) – 4:54

  2. "Paradise Cafe" (Charlie Sexton, Tonio K) - 5:14

  3. "Sent by Angels" (Doyle Bramhall II) – 5:44

  4. "Sweet Nadine" (Charlie Sexton, Tonio K) – 4:31

  5. "Good Time" (Doyle Bramhall II, Sammy Piazza) – 4:47

  6. "See What Tomorrow Brings" (Doyle Bramhall II) – 6:27

  7. "Always Believed in You" (Charlie Sexton, Tonio K) – 4:55

  8. "The Famous Jane" (Charlie Sexton, Tonio K) – 4:31

  9. "Spanish Moon" (Doyle Bramhall II, Charlie Sexton, Chris Layton) – 5:48

  10. "Carry Me On" (Doyle Bramhall II) – 4:09

  11. "Shape I'm In" (Doyle Bramhall II, Charlie Sexton, Marc Benno) – 4:07

  12. "Too Many Ways to Fall" (Chris Layton, Tommy Shannon, Charlie Sexton, Tonio K) – 5:52


  • Doyle Bramhall II - guitar, vocals

  • Charlie Sexton - guitar, vocals

  • Chris Layton - drums

  • Tommy Shannon - bass

  • Ian McLagan - keyboards

  • Produced By Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul

  • Engineered By Dave McNair

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